2015 Museum Exhibit

Farm to Table

The 2015 exhibit will welcome you at the Grand Ledge Area Historical Society Museum, 118 W. Lincoln St..
You will be able to follow the process of milking a cow to bottling milk and cream, then churning butter and ice cream. Have you ever seen a milking machine or cream separator?

Don’t miss the fanning mill made in Grand Ledge by Summers & Wareham that separates the chaff from the wheat before it is made into flour used to make bread.

Check out the incubator and setting hen house used when hatching baby chicks.

Area orchards produced apples used to make cider in the cider press and apple butter in the copper pot. The bee keeper is extracting the honey from the honeycombs.

Sap from the maple trees is collected in pails and boiled down in large pans to make syrup.

Families made their own sausage and lard and canned their meat when they butchered.

All farm families had gardens where they planted seeds and grew their own vegetables, such as tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, then canned them. Check out the cabbage to sauerkraut area.

See the equipment used in these processes and the resulting products.

This exhibit will be a learning experience for the young and a trip down memory lane for the young at heart.

The Museum is open each Sunday, 2-4 PM and festival days, 12-4 PM or call 517-627-5170 or 517-896-4613 for tours and special arrangements.

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