2017 Exhibit

Hurray For School!

The Grand Ledge Area Historical Society presents Hurray for School!

This exhibit will take the viewer from the early one-room school houses in our district, to activities and graduation. An early one-room school room will be set, including an old student desk, standing blackboard, pot-bellied stove, 48 star flag, old working maps, and pump, bucket and dipper. A map of all the country schools, which consolidated to create the current school system, will be on display.

School clubs and organizations in the high school will be highlighted. Graduation photos and articles, like graduation gowns from early 1900 to current times, will be on display. Superintendents of the Grand Ledge Schools will round out the main room.

The center room will be devoted to the music programs of our schools. This will encompass the band, choir, and drama departments. Uniforms, instruments, costumes, programs and posters, as well as many photos will be displayed.

The kitchen area will focus on teachers, librarians, janitors, food service workers and staff.

The back porch will be on sports. Besides the big three sports, other sports will be highlighted. Grand Ledge has a wide variety of sports for both women and men. Archery, water polo, swimming, diving, wrestling, tennis, golf, gymnastics, pom, cheer, soccer, lacrosse, track and field, cross country, hockey, bowling…are just some of the many sports that will be on display.

This exhibit will open March 19 to the public. Come back to your school days and bring the kids to experience memories.

Make sure to check out the display at City Hall also! Featured are Resorts and Trains of Grand Ledge.

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