Grand Ledge Area Historical Society Board of Directors

  • The Grand Ledge Area Historical Society Board of Directors is composed of officers serving in the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Museum Curator, immediate past president and six to eight (6-8) directors.
  • The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer serve one-year terms; the directors serve two-year terms, three to four elected in alternate years.
  • Nominations shall be made at the May Board of Directors’ meeting and officers are elected at the June general meeting.

2018-2019 Board of Directors


Joan Kane: Joan joined the Historical Society Board in August 2017.  Before her board position, Joan has been a long-time Historical Society volunteer; Joan has helped with Museum exhibits for many years, including the labeling of items used in the exhibits and served as the Ticket Chairman and Treasurer of the annual GLAHS Holiday Home Tour for about 35 years. She volunteered for the digitizing of Home Tour information for the Archives. Currently, Joan is a docent at the Museum and helps during our Purse Bingo events. Not surprising, two of Joan’s homes have been on the Home Tour. Beyond her involvement with the Historical Society, Joan also serves as the President of the Grand Ledge Area District Library which partners with GLAHS on the Archives and other projects.


Ruth Creyts: Ruth has been a member of the Board since 2015. Currently, Ruth serves as Vice-President of the Board. She also is the chairperson of the Holiday Traditions Tour. She enjoys owning an antique shop where everything is used and time stands still. Ruth likes the idea of traveling back in time and hates that there is never enough time and rarely spends it freely.

jwf_headshot 2016

Jim Foster: Jim has been affiliated with the Historical Society since 2015 and also is a board member of the Grand Ledge Opera House Authority. Jim is a lifelong resident of Grand Ledge and graduate of Grand Ledge High School. He obtained a degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University and is now a licensed professional engineer in the State of Michigan. Jim is married to his wife Tammy with 3 children in the GLPS system. Jim is active with his children’s extracurricular activities and his church. He serves on his church archives committee and chairs the church building restoration committee.


Ann Richardson: Ann Richardson has been on the board for over seven years and currently serves as the membership chairman. She worked in Grand Ledge for more than forty years and lived here for thirty-eight. She enjoys being a part of the many festivals, parades and activities in Grand Ledge. Anne truly believes that Grand Ledge is a great town to live in.


Carrie Gross: Carrie has been a board member for three years and is involved with Holiday Traditions Tour, Purse Party Bingo, and Communications (newsletter, Facebook, website).  She became involved with the historical society because of her love for history and also the history of her home town of Grand Ledge. She wants to see our history preserved for future generations and would encourage anyone to get involved. Carrie and her husband love shopping at antique stores and collecting many different things including vintage and antique Grand Ledge items. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends, her two Great Danes and photography.


Kathy Fitzpatrick: Kathy currently serves as Board President; in the last fifteen years, she was Vice-President for three years, Garden Tour coordinator, and Holiday Traditions-Decorated Table Coordinator. She enjoys learning about the history of Grand Ledge and Michigan and values the meaningful lessons we can learn from reflecting on the past. In her heart, Kathy is a preservationist but realizes that progress sometimes requires renovation and upgrades. She recently purchased a home built in 1900 which surrounds her in the warm shadows of the past. Kathy enjoys spending time with her family and friends, her pets, gardening, and of course, antiquing.


Norm Smith:  Norm is the Board's long time treasurer.


Lyle Clark:  Lyle is a past president.


MaryAnne Greketis:  MaryAnne joined the board in 2018 after serving as the Decorated Tables Chairperson for Holiday Traditions Tour for many years.


Dave Rademacher:  Dave joined the board in 2017.  He is active on the Holiday Traditions Tour committee and handles the brick and mortar issues of the museum.


Ethelen Herbstreit:

Ethelen Herbstreit has been a member of the GLAHS since the 1980s.  She was born and raised in Ohio where history was ‘sacred,’ so it was very intriguing for her to learn and compare the cultural activities in this agricultural community to her native central Ohio farm community.  The general meetings helped her learn about Grand Ledge and its people.  When her husband, John, became involved, she easily found her way to volunteer experiences especially with Marilyn Smith’s urging.  Lora Beth Fitzgerald invited Ethelen to come on the board through involvement with the museum.  Originally, she helped with opening the museum with Marilyn Richmond’s direction for the Holiday Traditions tour.  Ethelen’s role with the museum has expanded over the years and she has maintained the volunteer staff of docents who keep the museum open every Sunday of the year and during festivals.

In addition to her museum responsibilities, Ethelen also served as secretary 2 years, Vice President for 2 years, and then President for 4 years.   She has particularly enjoyed the wrapping paper fundraiser, the creation of the newsletter, and work with our publications.  Ethelen thanks all the many volunteers who have helped over the years shares her grateful heart and praise to God for the many opportunities GLAHS has provided her.

In 2016, Ethelen received an Eaton County Heritage Award with her husband and fellow board member, John Herbstreit.


Cindy Langenberg:  Cindy is the Board's Secretary and the Historical Society's Museum Curator.  Cindy's community involvement is extensive.  She currently is the president of the Grand Ledge Garden Club and is an active member of:    list of organizations.


John Herbstreit:

John Herbstreit, a ‘life member’ has been a member of the Board since 1980s.  Marilyn Smith encouraged him to attend the general meetings and with the local citizens enjoyed learning of the past times in Grand Ledge, especially since he grew up in Eagle township, went to Kebler School, and graduated from Grand Ledge High School where he later taught in the math and science department.  The society was a group in which he became reacquainted with home towners and met newcomers while eagerly learning more about the area’s history.  One thing led to another and John was elected secretary for several years, then Vice president, and later President.  He has been involved with many activities like setting up signs, keeping the museum open, driving the replica in the parades, presenting programs, researching history, placing and light luminaries for Holiday Traditions Tour, and representing the society with Ledges Playhouse.  In 2016, John received the Eaton County Heritage Award along with his wife and fellow board member, Ethelen Herbstreit.

Nell Floeter

Nell Floeter:  Nell Floeter has been on the board since January 2018. While growing up in Grand Ledge in the 60’s and 70’s, with parents who had recently immigrated, she was inspired by their fascination with and involvement in their new home. After living elsewhere, family and the warmth of the Grand Ledge community drew her back. During the last 25 years, she has volunteered in the historical museum, Michigan Week exhibits, and local schools’ theater and music programs. Her greatest interest is in the archives as its vast collection of items and information is full of surprises.